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Romer String Quartet 03_credit to Isaac

Romer String Quartet


Violin I 第一小提琴 - Kitty Cheung 張文蕊
Violin II 第二小提琴 - Kiann Chow 周止善
Viola 中提琴 - Ringo Chan 陳敏聰
Cello 大提琴 - Eric Yip 葉俊禧

Named after the Romer's Tree Frog endemic to Hong Kong, the Romer String Quartet is a genuinely local ensemble formed by four musicians all born and raised in Hong Kong. The quartet has been recognised locally and abroad as one of the most active string quartets in town since its debut in 2013.

Romer String Quartet has toured Asia and the United States to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York, Toppan Hall in Tokyo, Shanghai Concert Hall, Sabah Art Gallery in Malaysia, Eastman School of Music in USA and Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. It has performed at festivals including Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong World Cultures Festival, Beare’s Premiere Music Festival, Hong Kong Freespace Fest, and Taiwan Hong Kong Week, and has also taken part in various local and overseas projects engaged by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo), Radio Television Hong Kong, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hong Kong Composers' Guild, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts, Vantage Music, and Premiere Performances of Hong Kong.

The quartet enjoys many cross-genre performances in collaboration with artists ranging from dancers, choreographers, multimedia artists, and storytellers to indie rock bands. As part of a multimedia project titled 'Muted Situations', Romer performed in a pre-recorded video which featured in the Asia Triennial Manchester in the UK, Hong Kong Art Basel, and the Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival. Romer also frequently works with both established and young composers to give world-premieres of many commissioned works. It was featured in the album “Freespace Mixedtape Vol. 3", produced by the West Kowloon Cultural District, and CD “Eurydice: Ballet de la Nuit” by composer Austin Yip. In 2021, Romer collaborated with the Kamishibai Studio HK and launched a series of online music-animation supported by the “Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme” of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Romer String Quartet is dedicated to promoting chamber music to the younger generations in Hong Kong and Asia. As String Quartet in Residence with Premiere Performances of Hong Kong, Romer has given over 20 school outreach and family performances over the past few seasons. As teaching artists, the quartet was the Ensemble-in-Residence of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014-15; previous residencies included the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble's 'Modern Academy' and the Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra. It has previously given masterclasses and workshops at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Macao Polytechnic Institute and the Kota Kinabalu String Music Festival. The quartet was invited as a jury member and guest performer at the Hong Kong 'New Generation 2014 Concert' composition competition. It also provided free educational workshops and concerts to children through a 5-year partnership with the Hong Kong Playground Association.



過去羅曼多次世界首演當代作曲家的委約作品,演出曾收錄於由西九文化區製作的《Freespace Mixedtape Vol. 3》專輯及《Eurydice: Ballet de la Nuit》,亦與不同界別的藝術家,如舞蹈家、編舞家、詩人、獨立搖滾樂隊、電子多媒體藝術家等合作。當中錄製的《消音狀況》更於英國曼徹斯特亞洲藝術三年展、香港巴塞爾藝術展及香港新視野藝術節中展出。2021年,羅曼獲香港藝術發展局藝術數碼平台計劃資助,與紙芝居工作室共同創作一系列音樂動畫。

羅曼四重奏熱衷推動本港及亞洲新一代的室內樂文化。過去幾個樂季羅曼以飛躍演奏香港駐團四重奏身份於全港演出超過二十場學校外展及家庭音樂會。過往曾擔任香港中文大學 2014-15年度駐校重奏、香港創樂團「現代學院」及香港兒童交響樂團之駐團四重奏等。羅曼曾於香港教育學院、澳門理工學院及馬來西亞亞庇弦樂節中教授室內樂演奏,又應邀於「音樂新一代2014音樂會」中擔任演出嘉賓及評選委員會成員,演繹和選拔本地年輕作曲家的優秀新作品。羅曼致力服務社區,成立後與香港遊樂場協會保持長達五年之合作,定期義務向兒童提供免費的音樂工作坊及演出。

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